About Creating Your Own Labyrinth Garden

Hello, I am John Willmott, aka Woodland Bard and welcome to our Labyrinth Gardens Guide Hub.

This is a new hub service to respond to this summer's frequent requests of "How can I create or have a Labyrinth in my garden? Some people who ask this have tiny gardens. Some people have no gardens, so I can show you how to share a labyrinth garden.

This desire seems to come from one or more of these passions
  • To have a personal outside labyrinth space to feel free, trust, relax, breathe well, recharge, regenerate.
  • To have a personal outside labyrinth space to be inspired and become motivated to write, compose, paint, invent, and maybe solve puzzles within our work and hobbies.
  • To have a personal labyrinth space to relieve from anxiety. stress, melancholy, depression, mood swings, tension, low esteem, and worries,  
  • To have an outside labyrinth space to commune with faith and connection with the spirit world, angels, the sidhe world, fae world, goddess realm, animal, tree and plant totems
  • A space that is a venue to share with others on the same quests as yourself.
I will eventually cover all of these on this hub through articles, videos, podcasts, books, courses, and services to help you towards your Labyrinth Garden quest.

I will include ideas and guidance for building a Labyrinth Garden in small space gardens.

For those of you without gardens, such as apartment dwellers, I will include ideas and guidance to sharing Labyrinth Gardens with others through creating or joining a community Labyrinth Garden or supporting and using a local Labyrinth Garden. 

Please subscribe and stay connected to the information, events and services as they are offered.

There is a Contact link here if you wish to message me and talk about any of those subjects above, or any labyrinth, tree, woodland, and forest issue. I look forward to serving you through this hub.

John x

I am based at Carrowcrory Cottage, Co. Sligo, Ireland, a non profit venture that you can link through to here.